Tips, advice and benefits to successfully raise money for charity

Trust that you will be able to reach the realistic fundraising goal! Visualize your goal: raising money for charity is not easy. With your commitment to charity, you have already contributed to the money raising websites. In part of the registration amount is allocated to your fundraising. 

How to request a donation?

Whether you are an expert or your first raising money experience for charity, there are many ways to apply. Start by finding the most natural way to approach the subject. You can approach your network and money raising websites by soliciting them directly in person, or you can also send a letter, make  phone calls, send emails, text messages, or ask for support via social networks. You can prepare a copy of a solicitation email template that will be specially designed for you and which you can customize.

• Don’t be afraid to ask! You are not asking for money for yourself, but for a great cause societal impact. It’s your honor to help the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in its research.

• Be enthusiastic! Your conviction is contagious. It will help you raise money for the cause that is important to you.

• Know the cause of your charity money raising. For example, The University Institute in mental health, is a renowned in research on mental health and touches on several aspects such as: depression, psychoses, and suicide, disorders, autism and many others. The funds raised will give crucial support to our teams experts in both clinical and basic research. The researchers are the key that will allow us to find better diagnoses for mental illnesses. Without them there is no progress and no hope.

• Tell your contacts that at the money raising websites, their donation will go entirely to research

Or other goals. There is no deduction from donations to cover administrative costs. In addition, for everything donation made, a tax receipt will be issued.

• Ask everyone. Contact your entire network including your friends, family members, co-workers, your professional contacts, your neighbors, your doctor, your dentist, your hairdresser, etc.

• Approach companies in your area to ask if they would like to sponsor you. 

• Ask for a specific amount. Don’t hesitate to suggest the amount you want to get from your donor. You may be surprised at the result.

• Work as a team. Do not hesitate to ask the help of those around you to help you solicit donations. 

And – probably the most important thing – surround yourself with motivated and convincing people. Personally thank those who agree to sponsor you, regardless of the amount.

Special activities for charity money raising 

Special activities are probably the cheapest no longer used for fundraising, publicity and

raise awareness. Whether they are large or not, whether they come city or country, non-profit organizations all use special activities. Assorted with light modifications, they are just as useful to organizations registered charities only to non-profit organizations unregistered. 

Almost identical ideas allow to obtain funds for francophones, for anglophones or for any other group. The methods used can adapt to organizations supported by well-off people or self-help organizations with limited means. To organize an activity, you can use specialists who are very expensive but most of the time the volunteers are very good at getting out of trouble. 

Certain activities can raise a million dollars in “one night”. Of course, it takes months planning and working in the shadows. Moral considerations of special activities deserve special attention. They can turn out complex depending on the organization. Don’t be discouraged by the long list below. It only aims to identify problems and offer solutions. 

First, the funds collected must be used to satisfaction of the objectives of the non-profit organization. The public is more and more suspicious: false organizations of charity raise funds from donors who do not suspect nothing and they use this money for personal gain. They have repeatedly abused public confidence. 

Take steps to soften the hardened hearts 

The worst example occurred when fundraisers have sold tickets by phone to attend a show supposed to be organized for the benefit of disabled children. Apparently we had sold more tickets than there were places for the show, few disabled children attended and the commissions paid to the sellers gave an impression incorrect from the nonprofit organization. 

Responsible non-profit organizations will take steps to flex hardened hearts, to rightly so, by these bad experiences. When choosing the special activity for the charity money raising, you must take into account all of these factors. It may seem daunting to examine them all but the public expects more moral standards charities and aimless associations lucrative than any other group. Be sure to respect the reasonable standards.